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Baker had served 13 months for relationship with a young girl which Judge Keith Dodds took into account when sentencing him to five years for rape and two years for maintaining.Jonathan Peter Bakewell - Convicted in 1987 of the murder of 20-year-old Anne-Marie Culleton in her Darwin flat..Baines is eligible for parole- Baker and his accomplice KEVIN GARY CRUMP abducted a young married woman from her home, tortured/ raped her, shot her and dumped her into a river.Upon sentencing Justice Baker said they should spend the rest of their life in jail "where you should die". After giving him a hard time/ threatening him for the pin number to his keycard, he was bashed/ sexually assaulted/ strangled and drowned in the hot springs.A writ lodged with the County Court in Melbourne this month states the former student has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic attacks and loss of intimacy in relationships and cannot work because of the abuse.In 2003 Baine, then 75, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in New Zealand for indecently assaulting seven teenage boys while he was a teacher there.

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They also found stories about children having consensual sex with adults.Bakewell murdered Ms Culleton during a violent sexual assault in which he tied a bed sheet around her neck."Two killers will remain in prison" (20-3-2011) The State Government has once again overridden Parole Board recommendations. Jonathan Bakewell, now 49, was convicted in 1987 of the murder of 20-year-old Anne-Marie Culleton in her Darwin flat.The man claims he was sexually abused weekly by his art teacher, convicted paedophile William Alexander Baine, between 19.At the time the school was called Lyndale High School.

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