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Barros says that showing your passion and well-reasoned opinions can help you stand out in a class full of other girls.

She found that smart, attractive men (a pretty good target) were most responsive to women with upbeat profiles that had fewer than 500 words.

Because guys at her college know they have so many choices, they aren't exactly boyfriend material.

"Girls come to this school expecting to wear their pearls and date a Southern gentleman, but they can't find any," Adams explains, because "there are two main types of guys at Cof C: dirty hipsters and fratty dudes," and neither are particularly respectful.

More than that and the women started to sound braggy—or worse—desperate, she says.

She also discovered that leading with your hobbies rather than your career is preferable. Veterinary medicine TOP 10 CITIES TO MEET SINGLE GUYSGo West, young woman!

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