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Further, it's not just your body that's at risk, but the sustainability of our planet as well. January 12, 2018 | 16,041 Views Milk thistle is a tall, thorny, invasive weed containing many medicinal benefits, particularly as a liver tonic.It is used to treat cirrhosis of the liver, chronic liver inflammation and liver damage from alcohol, just to name a few of its uses.But now researchers realize it's not a good thing for your body at all.Plus, the other personal hygiene mistake that can increase your risk of dementia by as much as 65 percent.Learn how you can make it at home and expand your list of probiotic-rich foods.January 13, 2018 | 140,831 Views You may believe you're helping your health by doing this each day, and you may even have been instructed to do it by a health professional.

There are also articles about best practices to use with kids and teens with specific mental and physical needs.A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help ...See full summary » After moving in together in an impossibly beautiful New York apartment, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr.An upcoming photo spread in Vogue puts the event--which will take place at the New York Public Library--squarely in the public eye. Meanwhile, Carrie's girlfriends--Samantha, the sexpot; Charlotte, the sweet naïf; and Miranda, the rigid perfectionist--could not be happier. Charlotte still has the unrealized hope of getting pregnant.

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