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Do users of your Delphi application actually see the progress bar moving?The TProgress Bar control provides visual feedback about the progress of some actions within your application. Position := 0; end; I guess the above way of using a progress bar is also what you have in your application.Matches Pattern(Extract File Name(a File),'*.pas',false) then begin //do something with . Having this in mind, I have a simple procedure “Progress Bar Step It One” implemented as: procedure TProgress Form. JButton = j Button1 Progress Bar = progress Bar and its public static JLabel = status and its public static When button clicks then different statements execute. I looked up past threads and Sun's site, from which I derived that it had to be done using invoke Later(). However, the code executed on the EDT should do set Value(), and there is no need to synchronize. Big daddy, as u know, Swing Worker has been a part of the jjava platform after JDK 1.5. This is a SWAG, but could this be a concurrency problem?

The TProgress Bar as implemented in Delphi (as the case is with most other controls) is a direct implementation of the Windows common control – and therefore Windows (the operating system) is responsible for painting it. Get Files('C:\Some Folder With Pas Files'); Progress Bar1. Position := 0; for a File in dir Files do begin if TPath. Add(a File); Progress Bar Step It One; end; Progress Bar1.

In fact, I have a single progress bar positioned in the status bar of the main form of my application – this single progress bar is used for all progress-type actions.

Now, would you expect, using the above code, to actually see the progress bar progressing?

Items) I set the Maximum to 4 because I know I only have 4 files for testing.

But now that I think about it that's not really what I meant to do.

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