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It is used to replace j’ai (I have), while the letter “j” is used to replace je (I).6.Twa Another common practice is to replace the sound “oi” or “uoi” with “wa”. You’ve studied a great deal of French grammar, everyday slang and even idioms, “So why don’t I know what the heck this means? The French tend to shorten many words down to the bare minimum when chatting online or sending a text message – even down to just one letter!

Another example is or mort de rire means to be dying of laughter.Then you can report your findings to me and if I have some spare time I will do all I can to provide workaround. This one is hard to track down and and even harder to resolve especially if you are on shared hosting. You can find someone who knows thing or two about Word Press plugin development. Note that because of added support for local avatar plugins existing messages will not have their authors avatar set.You can also hire me to track down your issue and resolve it if possible or to implement features you need. Messages posted after successful upgrade will have correct author avatar.Here are some handy tips and common internet slang that you would encounter in an honest-to-goodness French casual online conversation. Cc When this comes at the start of a message it means Coucou! É This can mean either et (and) or est (is, from the verb être, “to be”).4.By the end, you’ll know the meaning of your French friends’ messages and texts tout de suite (straightaway) like a true French mec or meuf (guy or girl)! Ki In French internet slang, the “qu” is often replaced with “k” to shorten the word.

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