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Women are more likely to have the balls to call time on a failing relationship; men are more likely to simply wait to be told that it’s over.Blog.November 16, 2017 Does Watching Porn Increase the Likelihood of Divorce In a new study titled “Till Porn Do Us Part?I’m not pretending for a moment that men are blameless.Those same ONS stats tell us that over half of female-granted divorces are down to their other half’s unreasonable behavior, which can be anything from unchecked boozing, physical abuse, wanton gambling, or that garden-variety mental cruelty you probably saw traces of at your last dinner party. On the other hand, it’s possible that women are more likely to initiate divorce than men because in the divorce court, especially where children are involved, the odds are in the female’s favour.Men and women are practically equal offenders in the infidelity stakes.

It used to be an even higher share: 69% in 2001, and a whopping 72% at the start of the 1990s.41% called their partner’s online cheating significant, while 35% said it caused an end to the relationship.From a survey taken by Robert Weiss, a counselor who works with sex addiction.the list is long, before you even get to financial matters.As one Cambridge University study observed, women see their per capita income drop by an average of 31% immediately following divorce (even if much of that income has been earned by her ex).

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