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There’s no word on who that is but he has been linked to several women in the past.

Back in 2008 he and reporter for WNBC in New York, Katy Tur.

When I was on set with him, and now seeing these pictures, I was reminded how important proportions are.

If you’ve never seen him in person, you won’t understand just how big he is.

And seeing him in person, you realize TV makes the man appear smaller.

In life—life outside the electronic box—he’s a good six feet three, with a chest that suggests a retired football player.”When the magazine first sent me Keith’s sizes, I couldn’t believe it. From all the pictures and videos I’d seen of him, I assumed he was average-sized.

I was lucky enough to style the massive, in personality and stature, Keith Olbermann for a recent GQ spread.

In 2010, he showed off a new brunette girlfriend at a Yankees game.In sports broadcasting, where Olbermann worked for twenty years, the phrase -- picked up from opera -- signifies the end of the game, the last minutes when hope of revival is past and fans head for the exits.The viewers of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" have been heading for the exits for the past year as part of a general exodus from MS-NBC.Olbermann is cruel to all who, as a class, have rejected him, such as joyful people and women..people of faith and women..people with traditional marriages and women..those with well-adjusted relationships and women. Conservative Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, who relishes her role as policymaker and mother, is a it viewers and ordered him to find -- and not beat -- his inner woman.His inner woman turned out to be Martha Stewart, on whose show he baked a cake, savaged Sarah Palin, and extolled the virtues of gay marriage -- all of which did nothing for his mushrooming gender gap.

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