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Made her feel a kinda warm pleasureableness, that she wasn't awake alone in the dark. She shook herself and turned back to the shop, her thoughts still half on the Wayhouse.

This new batch of folks'd been in maybe four, five days, an' every morning, when Gaina opened the shop, there was the light.Outnumbered, outgunned, and unable to run, she has just two options: see the people under her command die in a hopeless, futile battle . Dispatched to the Mughal Empire of India, a group of up-timers and down-timers from the United States of Europe encounters more than bargained for—and gains an unlikely ally in the person of the Emperor’s eldest daughter. But his encounters with the Chiata were not without cost, and the fight is far from over.The Chiata are still out there, and they will stop at nothing short of complete annihilation.Both credit their newspaper experiences with teaching them the finer points of collaboration.Sharon and Steve passionately believe that reading fiction ought to be fun, and that stories are entertainment. The lights were on at the Wayhouse, which was still enough of a novelty that Algaina paused after she'd unlocked the shop door to look at it. Always had been, back to when the Gilmour Agency ran Surebleak.

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