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Because of its outstanding performance, the TR8 was often dubbed the “English Corvette.” Our Car Show was a great success.

We had twenty-seven classes of British cars represented.

The body style of the TR3 is two-door open roadster, a convertible hood that snaps on and off and removable side curtains.

The engine is a 1991cc or 2138cc straight 4; in 1956 the front brakes were changed from drums to discs, thus the TR3 became the first British production car to be so fitted.

Jon Dega, General Manager of Creative Workshop, presented the award this year to Scott in honor of his 30-year restoration project.

Some improvements from the TR3 to the TR4 included crank-up windows that replaced the less-convenient side curtains, an independent rear suspension, a slightly larger standard engine displacement and rack and pinion steering. The TR7 was built from 1974-1981 by the Triumph Motor Company, now a part of British Leyland, in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the Triumphs, we had beautiful MGs, Austin Healeys, Minis, Jaguars, Lotuses, Land Rovers, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces and Bentleys, Daimlers and Morgans, a 1937 Alvis and even a Cobra replica!

Scott the DJ Music Man provided great entertainment.

The car was characterized by its wedge-shape, commonly advertised as “The Shape of Things to Come” and by a swage line sweeping down the rear wing to just behind the front wheel, having been designed by Harris Mann.

The TR7 was powered by a 105 bhp, 1,998 cc eight-valve four-cylinder transmission.

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    Other local historic sites of interest include: the remains of the oracle temple; the Gebel al Mawta (the Mountain of the Dead), a Roman-era necropolis featuring dozens of rock-cut tombs; and "Cleopatra's Bath", an antique natural spring.