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The accident brings back painful memories for retired officer Tom Dugan (Joe Don Baker).Meanwhile, district attorney Dutton accuses the department of being inadequate.A teenage mother from an impoverished family is arrested for murder after her infant is found dead, but Virgil believes there is more to the case than meets the eye.Meanwhile Althea believes the situation could have been prevented if the school had offered sex education classes.Also Parker and Sweet compete with one another to solve the case.

Things get complicated after a man dies in one of the fires.

As they come closer to the truth things become dangerous for Virgil. The affair between the husband of a wealthy woman and her distant cousin leads to her murder. But he has a difficult time persuading Gillespie, who is a long time friend of the man and Bubba, who has been seeing the cousin.

Bubba and Virgil clash again and Virgil is frustrated when the Chief rejects his theory about the crime.

The nephew of an old friend of Gillespie's finds his life in danger after he steals drugs stored in the businessman's mansion.

An angry Gillespie seeks answers when an old friend is shot.

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