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In New York, every guy’s a Wall Street hustler, in DC they’re a consultant and in LA everyone’s an actor or a producer.

It’s not uncommon for guys to try to enhance their resume a little in the name of impressing women; they drop an extra hundred for the Hermés belt (with the big H buckle of course- what good is it if they don’t it’s Hermés?

There’s an obsession with the concept of value and status when you’re dealing with men’s dating advice.

The idea is that, when you boil everything down, women are attracted to high-value, high-status men; therefore, men who want to be more successful with women should be as high-value as possible.

So after all of that talk of what status , not the person.

Same with power – power without actual value attracts users and manipulators who want that power for themselves.

For example: the first common mistake is in how value gets defined.

Value and status are often erroneously distilled into a single attribute.

The more you have to tell others about how high-status you are, the less you actually have.The problem is that You can baffle people with your bullshit for only so long before they start to notice the cracks in the facade; you may be talking about your model ex-girlfriend but women will start noticing that you can’t look them in the eye for very long, that your body language starts to change as soon as you’re distracted and that you’re more nervous around them then someone of your supposed status would be.Moreover, women are to guys embellishing themselves in order to look better and are quite good at spotting incongruities.) to look richer or promote themselves from a grunt in Accounts-Receivable to a major player in Acquisitions.They’ll puff up their vacations from a weekend in Corpus Christi to a week in South Beach, name drop when they think they can get away with it and basically lie through their teeth in order to appear cooler than they are.

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