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Once you are enrolled in a trial, the principal investigator will send updates and test results at regular intervals.

NCI encourages health care providers to continue open communication with their patients throughout the clinical trial.

The NIH Clinical Center is a unique hospital that it is devoted to research with people.

Unlike most hospitals, the Clinical Center does not provide standard diagnostic and treatment services.

CCR’s clinical teams are made up of compassionate doctors, nurses and care specialists who specialize in carrying out clinical trials that are testing new treatments.

It conducts early-phase clinical trials of novel cancer treatment agents for patients with advanced cancer who may have no other standard treatment options.

Trials in the clinic use the scientific resources of the DCTD to provide better understanding of techniques of treatment, selection of patients, and combinations of agents.

Patients are encouraged to share their clinical trial experience with their health care providers.

Referring health care providers are welcome to call the NCI research team conducting the trial at any time to discuss patient treatment plans and care.

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